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Arch Shed – ArchBu is a leader in steel sheet kits. With the highest quality steel construction kits available on the market, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and robust and functional products. All of our kits are made from our durable Galvalum material with a 35-year steel warranty.

Arch Shed New What is Bow Roof Construction and What Can I Build with This Design
What is bow roof construction and what can I build with this design – Arch Shed

We also use foreground material, such as our Class 8 screws, which are exposed to more than 500 hours of salt mist before sending them to you to make sure they don’t rust, corrode and don’t fail you. Our arched kits are also equipped with our incredibly detailed installation instructions.

This step-by-step guide takes you through the process of installing your building, providing both images and specific written instructions. If you’re struggling to build at all times, you can use our great phone support. We’re happy to talk to you about the tough times you might have (though we didn’t expect you would!).

Arch Shed Awesome Arch 3 events Hire
Arch 3 Events Hire – Arch Shed

If you need technical drawings to get planning permission to build your metal floor hangar, let us know. We are able to provide you with drawings, but they are not fitted with our kits as standard. Your metal delivery kit will be delivered to your assembly page via our Quickship process. With Quickship, your kit will be loaded in one of our vans and sent to you within 10 days of your order, or you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase price of your kit!

Arch Shed Best Of Arch House with A Swoop Construction Pinterest
Arch house with a swoop Construction Pinterest – Arch Shed

Have you finally admitted you need more space? Want to learn more about ArchBuildings ‘ metal archive offerings? Maybe you’re ready to order? Call us at 866-699-5709 and one of our highly qualified and well-trained customer service representatives will help you with everything you need!

The images on this page and on others on our website may not accurately represent the look of a structure you get when you order a kit from us. All the images on our site are steel arch buildings designed and built by customers like you. If you want to design a building that looks like a particular image, let us know.

Arch Shed Elegant Masonry Design Making A Small Concrete Block Masonry Building
Masonry Design Making a small concrete block masonry building – Arch Shed

is a leader in metal arches kits. For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing the highest quality steel structures available on the market. We now offer our most popular building models in easy-to-build kits for your comfort! Whether you’re looking for a garage, a shelter, an agricultural storage room, a government building or something else entirely, an  steel vault meets your needs!

Arch Shed Inspirational Powerbilt Steel Buildings Quonset Hut Arch Metal Buildings
Powerbilt Steel Buildings Quonset Hut Arch Metal Buildings – Arch Shed

Our steel bow kits are made from our incredibly robust galvalume and benefit from a 35-year warranty on steel. They tell you that we stand behind our products and that you can do that too. Our kits can be painted to suit any pre-existing building on your property, and custom front walls can be added to your kit or made by your home care for an even more coordinated look.

Arch Shed New Pine Shed Stock Inventory
Pine Shed Stock Inventory – Arch Shed

Every metal arch cover we build is leaking and 100% free space, meaning you can use every square inch of your construction site without beams or trunks of your kind. The size of our arches ranges from 10 to 200 inches. The height can also be manipulated.  When ordering, make sure you know the top height you want, as this is a significant factor in the size and price of your steel arch building.

Arch Shed Lovely A Stunning Little Backyard Shed You Can Easily Diy
A Stunning Little Backyard Shed You Can Easily DIY – Arch Shed
Arch Shed Lovely Farm Sheds Design Options Rod Douglas Construction Round Metal
Farm Sheds Design Options Rod Douglas Construction round metal – Arch Shed

We offer our fast chip delivery standard with every metal arch building we sell. This means that once your kit has been made at our factory, we load it into one of our vans and send it to you within 10 days of your first order. Please contact us for current appointments and delivery times. We offer international shipments for ore ships heading overseas, and we also allow factory pickup if you’d rather carry your kit yourself.