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Direct Vent Gas Fireplace – The direct Ventilation System is to extract all Gases from the Combustion process and extract them from the outside. Since all Exhaust gases are ventilated outdoors, it is also significantly healthier for the User As it guarantees better air Quality.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inspirational Sldvt Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
SLDVT series direct vent gas fireplace

When the Wood burns, it releases Carbon Monoxide, which is toxic If you are in Contact with it for too long and in high Concentrations. As directly ventilated Gas Fireplaces are completely insulated from The inside of the Building, no harmful Products are released into the Room.

One of the Advantages of direct Ventilation Fireplaces is the easy Installation. It is true; You don’t need any extra Brickwork or Foundation during installation. The Lack of a Chimney Prevents You from renovating Your entire Home if You opt for a Fireplace. But Don’t get me wrong, You always have to find a nice Place to be able to pass the Ventilation Hoses without any problems.

The Ventilation System of Direct Ventilation Systems can make them on Average five times more efficient than conventional Fireplaces. They are extremely effective. This happens because most of the Air generated by a traditional Chimney Circulates through the Chimney and is lost to the Convection generated. This is where the direct Ventilation System becomes more efficient.

Since it sucks out the Combustion air and evacuates the Gases, you don’t have these Convection effects. Discover Napoleon’s wide Range of direct Ventilation Gas Fireplaces here. The Convection Effect increases the Hot Air in the Combustion chamber above the Combustion chamber, increasing the Amount of Exhaust gas from the Combustion process and the inner Chimney By Attempting to evacuate gas.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inspirational Heat N Glo Fireplace Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Heat N Glo Fireplace
Heat N Glo Fireplace Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Heat N Glo Fireplace

In Turn, Carbon Monoxide follows the hot Air When it comes out of the Combustion chamber in the Room. Direct Ventilation Fireworks Don’t have that. That’s why they are better for Your Health and more effective. Gas Fireplaces with Direct Ventilation are now the most popular Home Systems. That makes sense as they are practical and safe, with sealed Combustion systems that protect Indoor air Quality by sucking the Outside air for Fire and distributing 100% of the gases and Products that come from Combustion outside the Home.

The Ventilation includes a “direct Vent ” with two Chambers that work together to achieve two Goals: One Chamber pulls Oxygen from the outside, the other eliminates the Byproducts and Gases from the Fire. Most direct Shings end horizontally over a Wall, but can also be passed through an upper or Side Valve.

This Illustration shows how a direct Vent can be guided directly through the wall To the outside from the Combustion chamber, as well as optional side and Deck Ventilation Pathways. Gas Fireplaces with Direct Ventilation are available in many Models from traditional to modern. And in addition to the Warmth and Atmosphere during Your Stay, a Gas Fireplace can also add Value to Your Home.

According to The Housing Cost Towel, a Gas Fireplace can add an Average of $5 900 to the Value of a Home. It’s a Win-win investment. Gas Fireplaces are among the most efficient Domestic Heating Devices. With the air intake and Heat Distribution Technology, a new Gas Fireplace for The Conduction of Heat Intakes could be the first Source of Your Heating needs.

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Most Gas Fireplaces with Direct Ventilation have an EnerGuide efficiency level of 63% or more that could make You eligible for the FortisBC gas kamine discount. The comfort glow fireplace is an excellent Model for those looking for a Device with no Ventilation System that sells at a good Price. This Model has a robust Design and is an ideal Choice for modern and classic Salons due to its neutral Design.

One of the Things we liked about this Model is that it comes with a built-in Thermostat. So You can keep a constant Temperature in the Room, but also reduce the Consumption of Your Home. The Fireplace has a Heating Capacity of up to 30 000 BTU. It will therefore easily heat the large Rooms.

The chimney’s large fizzy Wooden Inlock is realistic, and the Dance of the Flames is relaxing but not repetitive. The endless outdoor Summer Fireplace is an excellent Model for those looking for a Way to keep warm during the chilly Evenings in Late Summer and Early Fall.