How to Paint Brick Fireplace

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How to Paint Brick Fireplace –  So Here’s the Deal. Sometimes when I have a Project at Home and not specifically for the Blog, I completely forget to photograph the Steps. All the DIY IRL is taking over right now and I forget I’m a Blogger and that People might want to see Pictures like You did. Then. I don’t actually have a Treatment Photo “How to paint a white Brick Chimney ,” but I broke it all up for you. All’s well.

How to Paint Brick Fireplace Lovely Brick Fireplace Painted White with A Cedar Mantle
Brick fireplace painted white with a cedar mantle

You have to clean this Thing up. Ours had about 60 Years of Soot on the Front, as well as Drawings to the Marker of the little Girl who lived here in front of us. Get a warm Soapy Water, a Brush And remove all the Dirt and Dirt you can. Remove Overwater and Dirt with a Sponge and leave to dry thoroughly.

Hit the power off. Use the wide Painter’s Ribbon to cover the Edges against Walls, Floor or Carpet and Coat (if applicable). Also put down the Droptors. Boot. We tasted two different Types of Primers and I ended up Pleasing the interest Rate Bullseye Better than the Brickwork paint.

This is especially important if Your Brick is stained in any Way, as the Primer catches all these Spots and does not allow to penetrate the Layers of paint. As far as painting Technique is concerned, I have used probably the least professional Method I could find; I like to call it the “Glop it on ” method.

Our Brick has many Corners and Corners, and the only Way to make sure is to load the Brushes with too much Paint, crush them around the Cracks, and then eliminate the excess paint. Boot it again. I hate to tell You, but we did two Price Categories. Just Turn on a Movie and accept that At the End of the Movie, you’re probably almost done with another Layer. That takes Time.

How to Paint Brick Fireplace Lovely Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas Unique Painting Brick Fireplace 25
Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas Unique Painting Brick Fireplace 25

Add a Layer of Your regular Color. If You’re Lucky, it will be Your last Fur. We ended up using two Paint Jobs because it was slightly uneven in some Places and because we wanted some more Shine to the egg’S Shell, as Opposed to the Very flat surface of the Primer. When You’ve finished this third Layer, let it dry, walk away and evaluate whether You need a fourth Coat, hang Your Pants and go for it.

If everything is dry, carefully remove all The Tape from the Painter and jump for Joy when You’ve done it! You can also hire someone to give You a Hand Massage because Your Hands are narrow because You’re holding a Brush for the last two Days.

You will know that my Brick Fireplace Has recently been painted white. It was a quick and painless DIY project with such a satisfactory end result. There’s really nothing like the Power of Painting to completely transform a Space in The Blink of an eye. The Chimney is so bright, white and clean. Just the Look I wanted. I chose the black Color in the Chimney (the Combustion chamber). Painting In Black helps roll it back so it’s not the Focus of the Fireplace.

Such an unexpected Result of such a white Fireplace is that it has completely changed the Atmosphere of the Room. This whole Wall is so bright now that my white Coffee Table was too white for the Place. Actually, I was still thinking of replacing the Coffee Table as the Baby starts to run.

How to Paint Brick Fireplace Lovely Enjoyable Dark Brick Painted Fireplace with Floating Shelf as Mantel
Enjoyable Dark Brick Painted Fireplace With Floating Shelf As Mantel

There were too many Twists and turns and made me nervous. That’s why I ordered this one online recently and I like it very well in Space. Other than the Fact that the grey Work stopped working. So I ordered a new Carpet too! And then the Carpet was much busier than the previous one and my Cushions stopped working. I’m always looking for the perfect Replacement for this.

Seriously. A quick Afternoon project that didn’t cost me a Penny cost me a few hundred Dollars for other Purchases. Oops! Seriously, it sounds great and I’m happy to be able to share it with You once I’ve solved the Problem of my Pillow Situation.