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TV Over The Fireplace –  Please don’t confuse our Disregard for Televisions for Chimneys as an Insult to the Sensitivity of those who installed them in this Way. There’s a good Chance you think You have no choice. What if You really like that? More Power for You.

Tv Over the Fireplace Best Of Mounting A Tv Over Fireplace Install Wall – Scientificredcards
Mounting A Tv Over Fireplace Install Wall – scientificredcards

At the End of the Day, the Perpetrator is the Person or Persons who designed Your Home. They made the Fireplace the Focal Point of Your Living Room, then filled the Rest of the Windows seal. Then they made sure the Power Supply and Cable were connected directly above the Chimney, with a large Sign practically attached indicating: “Install the TV here .”

Is it really that bad to put a TV over the Chimney? Actually, that depends on it. If You can avoid it, You should avoid it, and we’ll explain why below. If You absolutely need to do it, You’ll certainly want to know some Things and give You a few Tips to help You make it the best Viewing experience.

Tv Over the Fireplace Fresh Decorating Ideas for Tv Over Fireplace Elegant Mesmerizing
Decorating Ideas for Tv Over Fireplace Elegant Mesmerizing

It’s possible that you don’t see the Particles when you have a Fire, but they’re there (you can feel them). When burning Wood, a small Amount of Smoke and particles are emitted even with an open and fully functional Chimney. And as soon as the Particles accumulate, so is the Heat generated by the TV.

Take the Example of a Wood-burning Stove. The Heat he ejected is enough to melt Candles placed several Feet above the Mantle. After all, it was designed to generate Heat. Think about what this Heat can mean for all the sensitive Components of a TV.

Tv Over the Fireplace Luxury to Mount or Not to Mount A Tv Over the Fireplace Pros & Cons
To Mount or Not to Mount a TV Over The Fireplace Pros & Cons

This is a Problem that we have often experienced as a Guest with Friends and in various Holiday Apartments. We’ve also heard Complaints from many others. However, We know that for some of You, the neck Pain associated with Watching elevated Television Has never been a Problem. If You’re in the latter Camp, You can happily move on to him and praise him for Your superior Spinal Support. For the Rest of You, please read on.

When you put a TV over a Chimney, you move the Image you want to look out well over eye level. Think back to the last Time you went to The movies and You had to sit in one of the first three Rows. It’s likely you’ll walk out of the Theatre with a stiff Neck.

Stretching the Neck unnatural Posture unnatural for an extended period of time leads to temporary Discomfort, but can also have lasting effects for short Periods of Time, Day in and day out, such as chronic Headaches. Home and TV channels are known to be the Focus Of the Show.

Tv Over the Fireplace Inspirational Elegant Decorating Ideas for Tv Over Fireplace
Elegant Decorating Ideas For Tv Over Fireplace

If it’s missing, You know where To handle Your Furniture and how To design the Rest of the Interiors. But if Your Home has both, then You’re certainly facing a Dilemma as far as the Configuration of Your Room is concerned. Assembling Your TV elsewhere, Too, you may feel the Need to add extra Elements and Decor to complement the Look, which could take a lot of Effort.

In such Cases, the Decision to mount the TV via the Chimney will simply solve Your Problem by Creating a single common Focal point in Your Room. Now there would be neither a Brain on how Furniture and Decoration should be designed, nor about the Obligation to incorporate additional Elements into Your Décor.

Tv Over the Fireplace Fresh Great Install Tv Over Fireplace Hide Wires Greenwich Ct Tv Mounting
Great Install Tv Over Fireplace Hide Wires Greenwich CT TV Mounting

For an optimal Viewing Experience, the TV Must be put up to the Level of the Spectators. But if you assemble the TV over the Chimneys, that’s well not possible because you have to place it higher than the ideal Height. And the higher the TV, the more you get tired of your Neck. Let it make it easier for You.

Imagine Sitting in one of the first three Rows of Movies. It’s difficult to watch the Film because you have to lift your Head and you end up having to put it to the Test. That’s why, besides the poor Viewing experience, there are, of course, few People sitting there.

Tv Over the Fireplace Unique Living Room with Tv Over Fireplace Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace with
Living Room with Tv Over Fireplace Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace with

Now the firecheck TV means you’ll have the first Siege Syndrome Every Day. Imagine what effect it will have on Your Neck! Even the View of the Screen, which has long been raised, can slowly cripple the Operation of the Neck.